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I don't have any evidence for this but I feel like a LOT of bad things people do are motivated by the brain glitch that makes it desperately want to "feel smart"

*to the tune of YMCA*
It's fun to overshare kiiiinks with your friends! It's fun to overshare kiiiinks with your frie-ends

Octopath 2 

I wondered for a moment "imagine if Octopath had good writing"

But that's just Triangle Strategy

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Octopath 2 

... but honestly, the visual presentation and the music are so absolutely stunning that it manages to make me emotional anyways

Heck, these games are good

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Octopath 2 

The writing is so hit or miss. Hikari's story is so... cartoony. Oh I wonder if the people who call commoners "lowblood scum" are the bad guys

I love the part of every RPG where you inevitably go to Japan, which is just kinda there

The description says it's just in 7/16 but if that's the case then my brain just Cannot comprehend weird time signatures I guess

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Okay, well, D-E-F-A-C-E-D is a reeeeeally hard level but like. It's hard for the right reasons if that makes any sense? I feel like a lot of rhythm levels are hard because they're fast, this one is just really _rhythmically interesting_

I mean, listen to this. I have no clue what the heck is going on here


I need to start keeping an eye out for artists whose style I like and who could potentially make a ref sheet for, like... me

Interesting how I haven't set my phone's alarm for like, half a year, and I haven't overslept even once, because my natural wakeup time is just 6 AM apparently

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Hey, guess what, werewolf likers: It's ready!

Please enjoy this smutty short story about a werewolf grad student who has the hots for her research advisor. 💜

Homestuck, spoilers 

One thing that's really satisfying about Homestuck, or well, Sburb specifically, is like... the same visceral satisfaction that comes from breaking a game and showcasing how much you can glitch it out. Presenting the rules of a system and then breaking that system _within those rules_

You're obviously not SUPPOSED to, like, mix two people together. You're not supposed to prototype a dimensional being. You're not supposed to enter the Medium without any players prototyping anything at all. You're not supposed to bring a dead dream self back to life. You're not supposed to go back in time and become your own sprite. You're not supposed to break the gate that lets you progress. But the comic says "yeah but what if we did it anyways" and explores the consequences and it's REALLY cool

This is part of why the latter part of the story was very disappointing to me in some ways. Things like, dream bubbles, the ring of life, or even cherubs in general. They don't feel like they're part of the rules of the game, at that point it feels like the story is just making up new rules as it goes along. And that's the big issue right there. You're not breaking a system within its rules anymore, you're introducing new rules and using those. It doesn't feel earned


I'm thinking about that "programming language but it's boxes and arrows instead of plaintext" idea again. I thought about using something like Graphviz and that sounded very feasible at first, except if I wanted to do something like higher order functions, that completely breaks

How would you even represent higher order functions visually like that?

This one isn't an S+ but I wanted to show off Level of Concern anyways, it's a very good map.

Again, flashing lights.

I did it, I got an S+ on Special Delivery!!

Warning for blood and very flashing colours:

Getting the urge to rewatch Deconstructing Lambdas again

No wonder I can never find the energy for new things, my brain keeps pushing me to redo old things

I should try to write some Lisp or Racket or whatever sometime, because the idea of a language designed to write DSLs quickly and easily is very appealing, but at the same time, metaprogramming and no type system sound like they'd make it absolute hell to debug. So I kinda want to see how it plays out in practice

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