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Rhythm Doctor custom levels have the same issue as ADOFAI custom levels where yes, technically the difficulty is low because it's a slow rhythm, but the pattern is impossible to learn just by playing, you have to pause and _study_ the level and that's not fun

Edgeworth is a great character but I liked him for all the wrong reasons as a teenager

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I'm almost certain that the reason I used to be so into Miles Edgeworth is that I believed that being a smug jerk was the pinnacle of the human experience

Ace Attorney Investigations, spoilers 

The twist at the end of Ablaze is SO good. The entire setup of the confrontation with Yew is so perfect. There's no way to see the second half of it coming

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Ace Attorney Investigations, spoilers 

It's so obvious that they intended for the victim of Turnabout Ablaze to be the ambassador

They go "oh my office was under renovations, so we moved everything that would be in the ambassador's office down to Manny's office, for the photoshoot"

But like, what about the revolving fireplace. Did you also move that. Or did that just happen to be on the secretary's office despite the building being symmetrical

re: Autism, personal 

Maybe this is some sort of internalized ableism and I shouldn't think so negatively of something being described as a disability. But I don't know. It feels wrong to me

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re: Autism, personal 

I also really dislike how it's framed as a pathology, down to the name

Like, to me needing a sense of control just feels... natural? I don't think there's something _wrong_ with my brain for it, but all the resources I can find say things like "it's important to realize that this is a real disability and that people with it need support"

And I'm like... sure, you can support me by uh, not giving me orders?

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Autism, personal 

Huh. Just learned about PDA (pathological demand avoidance) and yeah, a lot of it feels pretty relatable

Although the information I can find on it seems to paint a more extreme picture than what I experience. I do feel like I need some sense of control over myself and my environment to function, but I don't know if I would call it "anxiety", which is apparently what it's all about?

Job stuff 

Getting job rejection messages a couple months after my deadline for leaving the country if I couldn't find a job

(And they knew this, I said so)

Big "meh" overall. Wouldn't recommend. Unless you're looking specifically for a speedrun game, just play Wario Land 4 instead

And it's a real shame because there was a lot of hype around it and I was very excited to play it, it looked like exactly what I wanted. Oh well.

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Also, the game just isn't super clear on a lot of things. Scores, secrets, collectibles. It took me a while to figure out what each thing was, it's not particularly well communicated

Also also, games that berate their players for getting a low rank should just stop existing

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Aesthetically it's a bit of a mixed bag. I love the music, easily the best part. Visually... bleh, it doesn't do anything for me

Gameplay wise, it consists more of smacking into walls than of solving puzzles and doing platforming. I _hate_ this annoying combo system too, it just won't leave me alone when I'm trying to take my time and explore a level

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Wario Land has always been a puzzle platformer, this is more of a speedrun platformer. It's not really fun in the same way

I'm sure it's great once you've mastered it, but I'll say the same thing I always say about fighting games: if I have to put many hours in before I get to the part where your game is fun, I'm not interested

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Yeah I'm honestly a little disillusioned with Pizza Tower. It's not really what I was expecting it to be

Rhythm Doctor 

Been playing some custom levels

Wow I love Plum's music so much

I would be waaaaay more inclined to post random stuff to my blog if I got off my butt and finally compressed all the Advent of Code posts into a single entry

About CWs, long 

I keep seeing this opinion that CWs are a courtesy and it's completely fine to choose to not tag something if you don't want to and I really hate it because yes, it's technically true, but it's not the end of the story

It's of course not okay to come to individual people and demand that they CW something for you specifically, and it's especially not okay to harass people over it. And people keep repeating that, and that's all true, BUT. It's also not okay to have a community where nobody CWs something because they just don't feel like it?

CWs and tags are an _accessibility feature_. They let people engage with stuff that they normally couldn't. It's the same as image descriptions: if you can do it and you're not, well, you're making your content inaccessible to a group of (probably marginalized) people. Is that "okay"? I dunno, for some definition of "okay" probably, but I still think you're an asshole and you need to get over yourself and do the bare minimum for others

It just really bothers me to see this framed as "these people are DEMANDING that I bend over backwards to satisfy them specifically when they could just block me" because each piece of this is technically true and valid but in conjunction it creates a hostile place for so many people for no real reason

Physical health 

I've been trying for like three days to use dental floss and it's freakin impossible. This thing CANNOT go between teeth. It just slips from my hands so easily

re: Pizza Tower 

There's a lot that I'm liking in this game but as I get further in, it's just a bunch of minor "fuck you"s that are starting to really add up. Maybe I should just leave it

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