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I can't believe Gamefreak was like "hey here's 800+ genders for you all to choose from"

Me: *hasn't even finished the story I'm writing*
Also me: Heck I should write more about Lara and Barley

Anodyne 2 spoilers 

One thing that feels kinda weird is that the world and characters are abstract and surreal, but the main storyline is very concrete and understandable. It's clearly a story about abuse and independence.

... Or that's what I take from it, at least. It seems obvious to me, but who the heck knows with this game.

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It also has a very specific sense of humour that relies very very heavily on fourth wall breaking. If that's your thing, you'll love this game's writing! If it's not, you'll probably be kinda annoyed all throughout.

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This is absolutely not a bad thing. It's an amazing game. It just... feels like a little beyond me in some ways

It's very good, in a very specific sense. I don't know who I'd recommend it to!

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Okay, Anodyne 2 finished

Um. Okay! So that was certainly a video game. Truly one of the video games ever

re: Anodyne 2 vague spoilers 

Whatever that desertNPC thing was, I'm glad I played it? I think?

It felt... meaningful, even if I can't quite find the meaning in it. There's something special about this game. It can make me feel things I can't really understand or explain

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Anodyne 2 vague spoilers 

Game what the FUCK

Gathering metal to build parts for your robot partner and calling that "boyfriend material"

Perhaps now that I have finished classes I can find some time to heckin. Write

I understand the intention behind when two male characters show affection for each other and every person in the fandom is immediately like "they're gay and dating" because we do need more gay content

But on the other paw I'm like. Please let straight guys show affection and love to each other

Anodyne 2, proper spoilers 

Huh! I didn't expect a segment with such a... direct message. The whole part at the dustbound village has a much clearer metaphor than the rest of the game up until now.

... It's weird, but being able to understand it somehow makes it feel a little less Anodyne?

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Anodyne 2, vague spoilers 

That said, just like the first game, there's some unexpected twists that make you go "Woah what the heck??"

Not like, story twists in the traditional sense. Like... mechanical twists? Not that either. Metanarrative twists?? That sounds a little too grandiose and deep for what I'm trying to say, it's more mundane than that but still very cool

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Anodyne 2 

I think this game being so much more concrete than the first is... weird. I feel like these actual characters with dialogue should feel like actual people, but they feel like metaphors instead

The first game feels more introspective because of that. I dunno. Again, an example of "someone who can actually do media analysis would have a blast with this, I'm just along for the ride and experiencing vague feelings that I can't put words to"

Which is enjoyable in its own way!

I just think a black-and-white palette is peak character design

The "trans people can airdash" meme is so funny

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