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Deltarune chapter 2 

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Picture of food 

Just discovered the concept of a "plandomizer": a randomizer, but someone else placed all the items in different positions manually, rather than the computer

That sounds pretty fun

Når jeg hører andre tale dansk, de udtaler altid "ikke" som "igge", men min lærer fortalte os, det er som "ik", med en stærk "k"

The amount of space that foxes take up in my brain keeps expanding

School stuff 



I should honestly be at least consuming Danish media if I hope to ever learn some. Like, watching a TV show with English subtitles, or playing a game I've already played

I didn't realize "weighted rock-paper-scissors" could be this fun

Every once in a while when I'm outside and on mobile data, Google absolutely freaks out about my mobile mail client checking my mail and sends several "CRITICAL SECURITY ALERT" emails to all my accounts and it's getting pretty annoying

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