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You're allowed to like bad things

There are two sides to this:
- If anyone tells you that the thing you like is bad, you can safely not care and enjoy the thing anyways
- If anyone tells you that the thing you like is bad, there is no need to get defensive, they might have a point and you can still like it and that's fine

Seeing someone else named Emil in the Zoom call and thinking that's me for a second before going "wait, I don't go by Emil here"

I have no idea why this ended up in my recommended, this is not a hobby I have at ALL but it seems like it would be fun.

Go ahead and make fun of ridiculously overpowered fursonas, I'll be over here actually having fun with them

So I'm not sure I fully understand what this Jupyter Notebooks thing is but it looks neat

And it's failing to install because I have binaries that are from some Python packages that I don't actually have installed? And trying to call them fails?? What happened, does pip just not delete binaries when you uninstall packages?

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Hoooly crap that's 2G of stuff in order to install Sage

Trying to play the Wordle clone has basically taught me that I don't know English

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"70% water"? That's not nearly enough

Fantasy Strike 

Fun matches today! Lost but played well and did fancy stuff, so that's cool

I don't know what it is about FFXII's soundtrack specifically but I keep flipping between "what the heck this is so bad" and "what the heck this is actually pretty good"

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@socks A poet who writes captivating stories about sunshine and rainbows and the like

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