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"To add an element to a list, do as follows:
L := [1, 0, -1, 8];
L := [op(L), 4];

The 'op' command removes the brackets. Try it!"

E... excuse me?

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"To get the number of elements of a list, use 'nops' or 'numelems'"

Incredible. You have two functions for list length and BOTH are awful names

It's clear and straight to the point in an area where things have names like "ring" and "ideal" and "field" which like, good luck deducing what that is if you haven't heard of it before

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Names in mathematics are so bad and so nondescriptive that I'm genuinely shocked that they came up with a name as plain and useful as "zero divisor"

God damn it's hard to maintain the energy through the day when it's already dark at 4 PM

Danish has the right idea by denoting the "ks" sound with the letters "ks" honestly, as in "eksempel"

Complete nonsense, food 

They actually don't sound very similar at all, my brain just makes associations

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I think I might be obsessed with Trails because I was watching a LP of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and one of the songs had a progression of notes that made me go "Hold on, is that Seize The Truth?"


Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance 

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computer nerd who think they've cracked every other aspect of human life is a depressingly common archetype.

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btw here's an article about how a book by a computer nerd about his armchair beliefs about cities became the fundamental assumptions of sim city and from there many other games in the genre

Adult friendships are like

"How are you doing?"
"Tired, you?"

Deltarune Chapter 2 

Blowing @quarky 's mind with my knowledge of Rhythm Paradise, what's up

Genital surgery 

Wooo the Baba Is You editor is officially out!

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