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I almost never read stuff anymore other than textbooks and articles huh

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Deltarune chapter 2 spoilers 

Buddy. Friend. Pal. Why not just write that in the page. It is one sentence

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Thing that I find extremely funny: a page that I'm looking at, a software manual, has a sentence like "This means that the equality holds for all lists. (Technical note)" And the words Technical note are a link to another page

But when you open the other page it's literally just a plain text thing that says "That is, all finite, total lists."

Well, either I am too slow to figure out ebook buying sites or literally all of them sell DRM locked stuff and don't offer a Linux client

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Maybe Haskell's strong type system is fundamentally incompatible with data coming and going through the web or a database. I dunno. But surely it can be done better than THIS?

I'm sure it can be circumvented with a clever use of typeclasses without making the interface so opaque that it's impossible to use without a tutorial. You don't HAVE to support every edge case. We know what people want web servers for. Just do the thing

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Like I don't want something basic, I want something complete
I don't want something cool, I want something reliable
And most of all I don't wanna have to spend hours reading docs and learning the weird constructs of the framework, I wanna use my existing knowledge of Haskell. How hard can this possibly be

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Haskell will reach the mainstream when we have a boring and reliable web framework that:
- Can support basic functionality like routing and middleware
- Does not rely on Template Haskell
- Does not require type level fuckery

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I think sharks are very cool but that's just me

The absolute funniest thing in the world are accidental laser targeted kinkposts, where you post something pretty weird and out there and the last person you would expect goes "hey is this a subpost"

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