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I know it's a serious issue but I just can't help myself, whenever someone brings up the problem that "Scotland is also a very prejudiced country and we should deal with it instead of just saying 'This isn't Scotland!' and shrugging it off", I get the overwhelming urge to ask if it's a case of the No True Scotsman fallacy

Anyways I think shallow relationships aren't worthless

There's value in hanging out with people who aren't your closest friends and whom you don't know a whole lot about but whose presence you enjoy

Some form of cognitohazard probably 

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Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

Simple And Clean is the better song but My Sanctuary makes me feel things

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how and why did mathematicians decide there would be exactly three isomorphism theorems

like come on, i'm sure if you were a bit more creative you could come up with a fourth, and then it would go seamlessly into the five lemma

Update: Ratchet Gladiator on PCSX2 just doesn't work properly past the first area. If you ever pause the game, when unpausing everything becomes invisible, floors, walls, enemies, etc

This is fixed with software rendering but it's slooooow so it's not really playable

If anyone has help with this it would be appreciated but otherwise we'll just have to drop it

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version control, not a subpost of anything recent 

Watching a video that goes "I know Super Mario 1-1 is usually used to explain the classic Nintendo design philosophies, but let's look at the first level of Kirby Squeak Squad instead" which I absolutely love

Honestly I love it when hot people who aren't conventionally attractive post pictures of themselves, lewd or not. It's so good to see

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Is it acceptable to have knuckle tats where the word split is not right in the middle

So today I decided to look into options to play Ratchet Gladiator with my friend online

An emulator together with Parsec works pretty great

I dunno how controversial this opinion is but I think being old is pretty great actually

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