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Alternate universe Emil, obsessed with finance:

"... stocks..."

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Alternate universe Emil, who is very into geology:

"... rocks..."

Food kinda 

I know nothing about phonetics but the one thing I THINK I know is that the r sound is so wildly different in different languages that linguists just gave up trying to categorize it and went "okay, all the vaguely r-like sounds go here, those are r sounds now"

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bilingual pride facts 

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@rusty purported individual solutions to systemic problems are always victim-blaming in some form.

Nonsense, kink, hypnosis, uuuuh watersports 

I thought of a joke video edit once but 1. it's a little too obscure and 2. I don't feel like actually editing 

I don't know what brand of internet poison this is but when I saw a cute little animal my brain used to go "awwww adorable!" and now it goes "La Creatura,,,"

It's a little weird to hear an English speaker say the last name Cruz because to me it always sounds like they're saying Crews

New shounic video confirms that the coconut png isn't crucial for running TF2, but the 2Fort cardboard cutout cow is

re: Aviary Attorney 

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I forgot how good Aviary Attorney's writing was

School stuff 

Not serious 

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