Pokemon Emerald spoilers 

Anyways remember when Emerald just took a random gym leader and made him the champion

I don't know why, but kid me thought that absolutely ruled

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Pokemon Red/Blue spoilers 

I feel like the Elite Four are supposed to be the final challenge and the addition of a "champion" is just a twist the first games had that the series just kept rolling with for some reason

Rhythm Doctor 

Samurai is jumping over a box of beans

re: Drinks 

@Felthry This doesn't really tell me anything about my question though


Question: is tea addictive in any way comparable to coffee

@GRAG Oh sure, seems worth a shot

About the tools, I haven't heard of them before, I'll check them out when I get home, thank you!

Shot in the dark here: I'm trying to write a script to programmatically generate many images based off config files (cards). The graphics are very simple shapes, but include text. The best way I know to do this is a Python script that just outputs raw XML into a file that eventually builds up an SVG image. It's really uncomfortable and error prone

Does anybody know of a better tool to do this?

Woo, mail server is finally up and running again

re: Rhythm Doctor 

2-3 night shift is probably my fav one so far, that ruled

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Rhythm Doctor 

Okay, I thought the premise sounded kinda basic, but it's got some really cool ideas, and it's super stylish too. I'm liking it a lot

Melatonin (rhythm game based on rhythm heaven) feelings 

@karma Awh, that's kinda disappointing to hear. But expected I guess, rhythm game design is pretty hard

@clarfonthey Oh what! I didn't think of this either. I'll certainly see if I can find some

Watched a story-focused playthrough of KH Union Cross

It's truly admirable how much critical plot they put into the gacha game

I have a script that generates sheets of several images stitched together, and Make just detects when something has changed and only regenerates the necessary ones. It rules

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I'm so glad I learned the basics of makefiles because they're SUPER convenient for even non programming things

I wonder how much of my "I wanna like Rust" feeling is just that cool people I know like Rust and say it's very good, even if it just doesn't fit with what I personally want in a language

I take personal offense every time someone says KH 358/2 Days is "bad" or even "the worst one"

Buddy, it's my favourite for a reason


Wait, you mean k8s doesn't stand for "Kate's"?

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