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@hornycat Oh if only

(å is pronounced more like an o, unfortunately)

I dag lærte jeg, det er "du *skal ikke* gå", men det er også "de siger, at du *ikke skal* gå"


I know what it is but aaaaaa it's so hard to do the right vowels when speaking at full speed

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I said the wrong first vowel when saying "morgenmad" and my teacher is NOT having it

Some boys... pretty

In fact way more boys pretty than people seem to realize

Though some other boys don't WANT to be pretty and that's okay too

Crypt of the Necrodancer 

Danish listening exercises are SO hard aaaaaa

I can barely understand two of the nine questions

Homotopy groups of spheres are fascinating because the way we have computed most of them so far seem like complete coincidence

Like "hey we were playing around with this random method and we just found the 7th homotopy group of S3"

It's so chaotic

It's pretty cool when people are gay I think

Extra cool when they're gay for each other

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announcing the sequel to counter strike: desk slam

Nintendo E3 

Nintendo E3 


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