re: don't even know, social -- 

@Hearth Well yeah, of course it feels bad. That's conflict

re: don't even know, social -- 

@Hearth To me, this looks like SEVERAL very big red flags

Half Life 2 

Anyways yesterday I learned that apparently the jeep's gun has an alt fire?

re: don't even know, social -- 

@Hearth In my opinion, if you tell someone "this makes me feel very uncomfortable, please stop" and their response is "I am the one who feels hurt", that's a big, big, BIG red flag

I also agree that pepe emojis are too strongly associated with the alt-right to justify using them, but like, that's irrelevant to the actual conversation. This is about a friend not listening to you or taking you seriously, you could swap the emoji argument for anything else and it would still be true

Furry TF microfiction 

"Bear with me", he said

@sunsetmoth Okay, honestly, when I first played it, same

Now I know where it plays though, and it's after a completely random skirmish between rebels and combine

Triage At Dawn is one of those game songs that gives me a very specific feeling that I can't quite name

I don't know what it is about it. It feels so... weighty and meaningful


I will put a waterfall in this videogame and hide NOTHING behind it!

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@zatnosk @pinkbun My guess on this is that "holy water" is only liquid water. The word "water" usually doesn't include water vapour, even if it is technically true

re: Blasphemous? 

@pinkbun Oh cool! Thank you for the information

re: Blasphemous? 

Actually, the question didn't say whether holy water stays holy forever

Does holiness degrade

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I remember seeing a post a while back like "can you, technically speaking, bless the ocean. Like can you make all of it into holy water" and I think the answer was "you can, but it is widely accepted that you shouldn't"

And I'm just laughing because if it is possible, do you REALLY think no one has done it yet. Have you seen humans

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Hey uh excuse me, knowyourmeme

What the FUCK do you mean Twitter is suddenly horny about Geiru Toneido

Denial kink?? 

That screenshot where all the visitors are like "I want to get off Mr Bones' Wild Ride" but with half of each sentence cut off

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