@cdmnky I am still in the middle of chapter 2 so I will skip this one for now

Deltarune ch 2 

Black Mesa 

Computer help request 

Nazi vocabulary 

AI The Somnium Files 

nsfw shitpost 



@electrocutie Oh! Okay, that last part is the one I wasn't understanding

@Vierkantor "You're telling me SEVERAL doctors filled out this form?"

@Aetous I'm not annoyed by them, more baffled than anything else

Appreciated though

"On this new game creation platform, you can even create a multiplayer 3D game super easily, no coding required"

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah doubt

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Wow YT sponsors are just not great these days huh

Having lots of separate apps on your phone would actually be a pretty great idea IF they were actually lightweight but just the default Android libraries are already massive, and if you include compatibility libraries so it can run on older devices, it gets orders of magnitude worse

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