Okay well, my seaming sucks, and I once again overestimated how long the result would be, but other than that it actually doesn't look that bad?

re: Casette Beasts 

How about you fuck off and let me be nice to Eugene, game

Seriously why is it like this

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I'm learning to do the stockinette stitch but it keeps folding in on itself

Celeste, Farewell 

Okay, uh, I was having fun with Farewell but then I came up to this room and

I feel like either it requires completely ridiculous precision all of a sudden, or I'm doing something wrong?

I messed up multiple times and had to restart but I'm getting into the rhythm now

Rhythm Doctor, spoilers but for side content and it's silly 

I feel like you should all know that this is the results screen for the Rhythm Dogtor song thing that replaces all characters with dogs

Homestuck, spoilers, caps 

Is THIS where that's from


Dark Souls 2, my ending stats 

Aaaand I beat the game!

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