Homestuck, spoilers, caps 

Is THIS where that's from


Dark Souls 2, my ending stats 

Aaaand I beat the game!

Tunic, contains spoilers 

Found the fashion room

A Dance of Fire and Ice 

Okay, on lenient mode, but still??

As it turns out, the person who made the last A Dance of Fire and Ice level is also an absolute memelord

Super Lesbian Animal RPG 

This is in the middle of a goof about how they all started doing cowboy aesthetic as a joke and it stuck

How is this game so good

Super Lesbian Animal RPG 

"Are you sure Javis is in here?"
"Oh yeah, this place has Javis written all over it."
I go in and

Super Lesbian Animal RPG 

Anyways please play this game


Rereading early stuff

This is me right now

Demon Turf, casual speedrunning 

Note how my previous best time was over 4 minutes

A Dance of Fire and Ice postgame 

Holy crap I did it

Neo Cosmos spoilers 

There's actual characters now and oh no they're hot

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re: A Dance of Fire and Ice, extra level 

Holy crap I did it

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