Book: "Han drikker ___ kaffe for at kunne falde i søvn om aftenen."
Me: Huh, "falde"? I don't know that word, let's look it up

Fantasy Strike, eye contact, misinfo 

I find the fact that there's a whole page for this unreasonably funny

Fantasy Strike clip 

Well, got lucky enough to find someone on DBA who lives like five minutes from my place and was selling these so that's pretty cool

School stuff 

Picture of food 

Anyways here's how many people are in my Categories and Topology course vs in Advanced Programming

Also, I lost one of my enby handwarmers a while back and @cassolotl was kind enough to sell me a single one to replace it! It just arrived today!


Blurry eye contact 

Mad Rat Dead clip 

Food picture 

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