Finished the Axiom Verge sorta-fast-run!

Maybe I could aim for 0 deaths eventually? It's gonna be pretty hard

Food picture, non vegan 

Hey look at that, I made something traditionally Spanish for once, even if it looks nothing like what it's supposed to

Castlevania SotN equipment spoilers 

Revolver Ocelot

re: Minecraft 

On the plus side, I came across the most unfortunate llamas in existence

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"Oh, I need cactus for this recipe! No problem, I'll just wander around until I find a desert"

Demon Turf, mechanics spoilers 

Just learned about the whirlwind yesterday

Demon Turf, mechanics spoilers 

God this game is good

Demon Turf, mechanics spoilers 

I have to keep adjusting my camera because of joycon drift and it makes everything like ten times harder

Still, movement in this game is sick

Demon Turf 

Turns out this level has an extremely cheesy shortcut

Cartoon eye contact, Emi squid 

Oh yeah one partner suggested messing about with the same character maker they used for their squidsona and try to make Emi squid

Editing job is pretty wonky but I think it gets the point across well!

(Character maker: )

Demon Turf 

I love selfie mode way more than is reasonable

Demon Turf 

Oh man I was playing around a bit and found a tricky triple jump shortcut and it feels _good_ to execute on it!

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