More Pizza Tower complaining 

You know what, I saw someone mention that Pizza Tower has a lot of classic Sonic DNA in it and that's probably the reason why I'm so meh about it

I freakin HATE classic Sonic games, they're so deeply unfun to play. They're constantly urging you to go fast, and that's impossible to do if you haven't memorized the level layout already. The game is built around momentum but the level design is going to be constantly stopping your momentum and it's such a frustrating experience

And that's exactly my big issue with Pizza Tower! Funny that

More Pizza Tower complaining 

@socks honestly there are indie games that convey the "gotta go fast" vibes 10x better than any sonic game

Neon White is the best sonic game imho, but if we're restricted to 2D I'd probably choose Dustforce, even though it has fewer of the sonic vibes and only retains the gotta go fast aspect

re: More Pizza Tower complaining 

@clarfonthey Well hm. Good thing you mentioned that because I was planning to get Neon White soon-ish but if it's a Soniclike I'm not sure I'd like it

re: More Pizza Tower complaining 

@socks the reason why I associate neon white as a sonic game is because it imho features all the stuff that feels iconic about the sonic franchise without what I feel are the bad parts

going through the levels fast feels really good, and you really end up wanting to get as fast of a time as possible, which ultimately involves actually learning to play well

the narrative elements are cringe and a lot of people hate this but I kinda love it since that's also a part of the sonic franchise that people love. like, it's cringe but in a good way. the characters are actually well designed

as far as actual gameplay goes it plays very differently from a sonic game, but has what I feel are strong sonic vibes

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