A Dance of Fire and Ice 

I've made it my goal to beat Classy Kitty with no checkpoints. And holy crap it's a long song

I've made it to 73% twice in a row so even if I don't do it I'm pretty proud of getting that far


A Dance of Fire and Ice 

A thing I really like about this song is that it's essentially forcing me to do offbeats with my off hand, and my coordination with my off hand is so much worse than my dominant hand, but I can feel the improvement already

I pretty much always fail in sections where I have to start the beat with my off hand

A Dance of Fire and Ice 

I'm also getting plenty of moments where my brain starts panicking and says "woah woah how do I do this beat again?? I don't remember" but my fingers are already doing it, and that sometimes lets me get through it and sometimes makes me get desynced and fail, it's weird

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