Nirvana Initiative spoilers 

The ending part was better than the rest for sure, lots of satisfying answers, but this is a much much weaker game than Somnium Files in my opinion. Just... filled with nonsense.

I know Somnium Files had a lot of nonsense too, but it was believable nonsense. It felt grounded. This game just goes extremely hard off the rails extremely fast.

It's kinda like the difference between 999 and VLR. Or between Danganronpa 1 and 2. Maybe Spike Chunsoft should not be allowed to make sequels.

re: Nirvana Initiative spoilers 

Also you can't just give your game a proper emotional ending with a song that starts with "Step on gum on my way to the station"

Iris' song in the first game genuinely made me cry at the end. This one's just. Alright when is it over


re: Nirvana Initiative spoilers 

Wait hold on

They never explain why the videos specifically make Ryuki hallucinate, right? They just handwave it with "yeah he has the virus"

What the heck

re: Nirvana Initiative spoilers 

Eheheh. Okay, just got the secret ending and the extra somnium. That was pretty funny

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