I remember reading a Twitter thread a while back that went like... what even IS a paradox? Is it just a confusing or unintuitive thing? Or is there a specific category of confusing and unintuitive things that qualify as paradoxes? What's special about them?

@samgai It was a bunch of polls and I did not see the results unfortunately

@socks I'd say there are two kinds of "paradox".

A broader definition would include something like the birthday paradox, which is perfectly logically sound, it may just defy some people's intuition.

In a stricter sense, a paradox would be a situation that cannot be resolved by logic, for example Russell's paradox.

@socks i would say a paradox proper would be something literally contradictory

the way people use the word paradox to mean unintuitive thing is perhaps a different question though

@Hearth Yeah but the thing is, we already have the word "contradiction". How is that different

@socks a contradiction can be when someone says one thing and then later says something different, a paradox is when two contradictory things are true at the same time

also you can have two words for the same thing, that's allowed, it's called synonyms

@Hearth Well yeah, of course you can, I'm just asking if there IS a difference or if they are synonyms!

I'm not sure I understand that distinction, but I trust that there is one

@socks the distinction i'm making is that in the first case, the two things don't have to be at the same time, and neither of them has to be *true*, whereas in the second case both have to be true at the same time

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