New NSFW (short?) story: Leash 

Okay so "short" is debatable because it's not book-length but it's still like 14 thousand words whoops when did that happen

Anyways this one has explicit sex in it but it's not suuuuper out there? Certainly not as much as the other ones I've written. It's about dom/sub and petplay, though, so keep that in mind.

In this case I would love feedback on the length, because I've never tried writing anything this big. If it feels drawn out and you lost interest because of that, I'd like to know.

- Furry people
- Sex
- Dom/sub and ownership
- Petplay
- Mentions of food

Read here:
Or if you don't have a Gemini browser:

Mia gushes about this story 

@socks [standing on my chair wildly cheering and screaming like a sports team just scored a goal, only there’s just one person so it’s really awkward] hell fucking yes a new story

honestly, this one felt like it needed to be this long to cover the whole arc! and these characters are *so* much fun to watch bounce off each other. all of them are great

I really like the portrayal of consent here! Kyra taking the lead and casually checking in with the newbie with every step, making his introduction super low-stakes? god damn. the active consent negotiation actually makes that scene substantially better. it’s great

and I genuinely love Gab’s whole gender, right down to “too early for gender…”, that fuckin’ rules

god *damn.* your writing is always good but this one is your best yet, in my imo

re: Mia gushes about this story 

@gardevoir Holy heck, seriously, this feels SO good to hear. Like, you have no idea. I felt exactly like that too, every little step (especially the negotiation stuff) felt super important and I didn't want to cut any of it out, that's why the story kept growing and growing and I was a little scared that it was getting out of hand. Hearing from someone else that it works is a huge relief

And also, I mean, I kinda figured you'd enjoy it as long as it had a cute boy being cute in it, but still, aaaaaa really thank you

New NSFW (short?) story: Leash 

@socks oh wow that was really incredible! It captured the feeling of meeting a cute couple and getting invited into their space really well from my limited experience! The depiction of consent was super comforting to read as well!

Really great job!

New NSFW (short?) story: Leash 

@nleigh Thank you so much! It's not something I have actual experience with IRL, so I'm really glad it worked well!

New NSFW (short?) story: Leash 

@socks Ooh new story, awesome, I'll read this tonight <3

@socks I get the following error when visiting the HTTP version:

An error occurred

Status code:

Untrusted certificate (TOFU rejection)

Is this a client problem or a server problem?

@nleigh Hmmm. I can access the page just fine, so I'm not sure! I have done some certificate shenanigans lately though, so that might be it.

I've tried changing the certificate settings, can you try again?

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