I should honestly be at least consuming Danish media if I hope to ever learn some. Like, watching a TV show with English subtitles, or playing a game I've already played depending on your level you could re-read a book you know?
I had some success reading some of the Harry Potter books in Spanish.

@nuhn Mmmaybe. I probably wouldn't understand a lot and would spend more time looking through the dictionary than at the book. Maybe like, a shortened or simplified version? ah I totally get that. It takes a certain level. If you want Danish tv or movie suggestion , just say the word ^^

@nuhn Ooh, if you do have any suggestions that would be appreciated! Even if I can't understand much I can always pause often and take it slow I don't know what genres you like, but on the top of my head there's Borgen - tv show price winning and free on with subtitles.
Skammerens Datter, really good ya fantasy movie.

@nuhn Alright, thank you! I'll check those out when I have time! no problem! I don't know what genres you like, but Danish TV series is mostly known for their noir and crime. If you're into that I have a couple of recommendations as well.
On you can find several series and movies and they should have subtitle options most of them.

@socks just don't watch Bamse's Billedbog (Bamse & Kylling) if you ever hope to get a good grasp of the language. It's legendary children's TV and there's so many (funny, quirky) mispronunciations on purpose since the main character (Bamse) is kinda like a 4 year old kid.

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