You can just have several names

You can tell different people to address you differently and all of those are "your name"

It's allowed

@socks i have more names than i can count and its good :dragnuwu:

can recommend

@socks that's literally the point of having several names on your ID papers isn't it?

@socks gaaahhh I wanna do this but I’m so scared of being an inconvenience and making things complicated

@Sasukecoochieha I can't speak for others, but at least for me when a friend uses different names it doesn't bother me at all! So I don't think there's anything to really worry about

@socks Unfortunately, some people consider it abnormal and a sign of distrust when you don't tell them your "real" (i.e. legal) name.

@socks i have so many names i picked up off chumps who don't know shit about the fae and i'm valid too

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