So people keep saying ending a sentence with a preposition in English is wrong but only pedants care about it

Is it wrong? I was taught in school it's correct

@socks all of english is wrong and weird grammatical hangnails are what it's *made* of

@flussence Yeah, see, this sentence ends with "of" and I didn't even question it at first

@socks putting words in different places is a weird thing to get nitpicky over anyway

if they wanna get mad then there's a billion posts a day online with no punctuation and people read it just fine

@socks This source says that ending a sentence with a preposition is allowed. Ultimately, like many official grammar rules, it seems like this idea comes out of a prescriptive attitude towards language (saying how language should be spoken) rather than simply describing how people use their language.

I think at most, enough people know and follow this fake rule though that if you want to be taken seriously in formal settings, then you may want to avoid it anyway.

@socks I've been told by teachers that it's grammatically incorrect, but every native speaker I know does it all the time. It doesn't actually sound bad or anything, and I've only ever gotten flak for it in school.

@socks It's perfectly fine, because everyone does it all the time and understands exactly what it means, prescriptivists just get mad over it

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