Hi! I write stuff!

If you happen to have a Gemini browser, you can find my writing here here:

If you don't, there are a couple public http proxies you can use:

My short stories are usually somewhat kinky in nature, sometimes sexual and sometimes not, and usually feature furry characters. When there is sex they're marked with [NSFW]. There is a collection of tags under each one that should double as content warnings, along with approximately how long each one is in terms of words.

If you have any feedback I'll be happy to hear it, but do keep in mind that I am not a professional writer, so don't hold me to very high standards! It just makes me very happy when someone enjoys what I write, so please don't be afraid to tell me if that's the case.

@socks are there gemini browsers you would recommend?


@Felthry The one I use is called Kristall. It works pretty well overall but it will complain if the server's certificate changes I think. I dunno what the exact condition is but it's happened to me a couple times, though that might be just because I mess around with my server a lot.

@socks today i also happened to learn a bit about Mir, because apparently one of its modules was also called kristall

@socks it's apparently just the Russian word for crystal (as transliterated into the latin alphabet), unsurprisingly

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