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Everything is _ on a long enough timescale

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Hi! I write stuff!

If you happen to have a Gemini browser, you can find my writing here here:

If you don't, there are a couple public http proxies you can use:

My short stories are usually somewhat kinky in nature, sometimes sexual and sometimes not, and usually feature furry characters. When there is sex they're marked with [NSFW]. There is a collection of tags under each one that should double as content warnings, along with approximately how long each one is in terms of words.

If you have any feedback I'll be happy to hear it, but do keep in mind that I am not a professional writer, so don't hold me to very high standards! It just makes me very happy when someone enjoys what I write, so please don't be afraid to tell me if that's the case.

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Joke that contains misgendering 

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Thank you Sirlin for giving me the opportunity to do this

re: NSFW furry story recommendation 

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NSFW furry story recommendation 

Okay, so I may not be able to speak Danish or understand when people speak it, but I am kinda able to sorta understand written messages and only have to translate one or two words, which is something at least

As a person who is only vaguely computers I can't tell if Wayland is good or not but I CAN say that I have looked at xorg before and thought "Why is _that_ the responsibility of a window manager??"

I feel such a huge sense of pride whenever I manage to write a thing

It's not like it's super long or anything! But it is a thing that I wrote and that more than one person told me is enjoyable and that's honestly amazing

Currently playing A Link to the Past and holy crap, this game is _good_

Certainly not perfect, but like. Actually good. Not just "good for its time but janky and weird", like I'm used to games from that era being. It's like, genuinely fun to play and well designed

Lewd writing talk 

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NSFW short story: Pool 


NSFW short story: Pool 

English, sorta food 

I keep accidentally ending my chat messages with "kj" and having to delete it because that's my "exit insert mode" shortcut in Vim

Especially considering that it doesn't have any "daily streak" gamification elements as far as I know? That's usually a big contributor

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Huh, people are _still_ playing Wordle. I really expected the fad to have passed by now. That's interesting

I don't think these things usually last more than a couple weeks

Morphogenetic Sorrow is such an amazing song

Me, trying to think of names for a character: "Wait, no, I know someone named like that in real life, I can't use that"

School stuff 


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