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Joke that contains misgendering 

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Macro shitpost but I think it's very good 

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Thank you Sirlin for giving me the opportunity to do this

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A thing to possibly sing to people who misgender me 

Anyways what's that song with the trumpets from Persona that everyone keeps using

My room isn't messy, it's environmental storytelling

The existence of Mr. Mime implies that in the pokemon universe, humans looked at that and went "oh shit that's a good idea" instead of inventing mime themselves.

Anyways I can't say much on the topic but MAYBE a white guy isn't the most appropriate person to decide whether or not Punch Out is a racist game

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Yknow when you see a video and your immediate reaction is to make fun of it and assume what it says without watching it

I tried to resist that urge and watch the video and it turns out I was completely correct and it was a waste of time

Let cis straight boys wear dresses

Dresses are pretty

Apparently the peak of humour to me is YTP style edits where a character is made to say "soos" (sauce)

Oh I kinda wish I could replay New Super Luigi U

I think historically I've enjoyed "spiritual successors" way more than actual sequels

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In general I think my opinion is pretty much always "an original game is always better than a sequel outside of very specific cases"

One such case is being able to reuse engine and assets


Of course a valid answer is "I'm having fun because I'm succeeding at the task" but that's not a given 100% of the time

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In other words: don't be optimal! Optimizing is extremely tempting, and some games are ABOUT optimizing, but think about whether you're having fun, not whether you're succeeding at the game's arbitrary task.

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It is a well known fact that players will optimize the fun out of a game given the chance

But also like... games are more fun if you make a conscious effort to not do that

under continuous deformation, we are all the same

I have no idea why people are posting socks but I am Here for it

I love it when mathematicians say "here's a practical application of this concept" because it's still more abstract than anything a physicist will ever encounter

Lewd, furry, overdone joke 

Why would YT believe I have any interest whatsoever in Scott Pilgrim

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