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So hey, quick reminder that I write short stories sometimes!

Most of them are horny in one way or another, but not all of them. I try to mostly write positive and feel-good stuff, and for me a lot of that comes from kink. You can check them out here if you like:
(Gemini) gemini://

And if you enjoy them, absolutely let me know! I love hearing people's comments!

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Everything is _ on a long enough timescale

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Joke that contains misgendering 

Trans man Dracula, smashing his glass into the wall after being misgendered for the last time: "What is a ma'am?!"

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Me, to my partner, who is an inkling: Hey, remember when I said the house should be covered in goo so you can swim in it and move faster?
Xem: Yeah?
Me: That's slime travel

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Thank you Sirlin for giving me the opportunity to do this

The best part of watching Hollow Knight randomizer is when the player buys a really good unbalanced deal, like a cheap arcane egg, and just says "stonks"

Few things in this world are not improved by bat wings

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 

Hmm I remember the fan translation being a lot less rough than this

It's understandable for sure, it's just a fan effort so I'm not holding them to the same standard as paid translators, but like. Nobody says "Even if you say that, I..." as a full sentence in English

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 

"Mr. Edgeworth, if you have failed to come up with a new poss"

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Physical affection 

I mean if you know anything about me, you know that I would go _significantly_ further than holding hands with many of my friends, but like, it's Fine Actually if that's not socially expected

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Listen I know it's a matter of personal preference and that some people feel less comfortable than others with physical contact and that's fine but I just want it to be normal and socially expected to hold hands with your friends

re: Rhythm Doctor 

Also it's from A Hat in Time so, woo

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re: Rhythm Doctor 

See, on the other hand, Trainwreck of Electro Swing is really good about visual clarity and warning the player

Still requires a bit of memorization but it's so much better than the others

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Rhythm Doctor 

My least favourite kind of Rhythm Doctor custom mappers are people who think lack of visual clarity makes a song interesting

Catposting, not serious, at reader 

Hey check this out

*chews on your cables*

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 

You've heard of "I am... an ass", now get ready for "take a gander at Dick"

After like an hour of playing vanilla Minecraft I have rembered that I just like Industrialcraft more

I'm wondering about scripting languages again. Do any of you have any favourite programming languages for task automation (that are not Python or shell scripts)? Which ones? I'd like to hear about it!

You ever think about how many "bug reports" Team Cherry must have received that are just screenshots of characters


I never figured out what's supposed to go in /usr/share and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

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