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Lewd talk 

I feel like just listing my interests as an introduction would be kinda misleading because sure, I AM very much interested in formal mathematics and functional programming, but how much of my posting is about that as opposed to how much I want a dick down my throat

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So hey, quick reminder that I write short stories sometimes!

Most of them are horny in one way or another, but not all of them. I try to mostly write positive and feel-good stuff, and for me a lot of that comes from kink. You can check them out here if you like:
(Gemini) gemini://

And if you enjoy them, absolutely let me know! I love hearing people's comments!

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Everything is _ on a long enough timescale

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Joke that contains misgendering 

Trans man Dracula, smashing his glass into the wall after being misgendered for the last time: "What is a ma'am?!"

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Me, to my partner, who is an inkling: Hey, remember when I said the house should be covered in goo so you can swim in it and move faster?
Xem: Yeah?
Me: That's slime travel

Physical affection 

Just so happens that I ALSO wanna kiss a lot of people who are not girls

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Physical affection 

I don't post about girls a lot because they already get a lot of love in my immediate circles

But I hope you are all aware that I think girls are awesome and I wanna kiss girls

It also makes me sad that the rest of the world isn't like this, I think this should just be The Default, but hey

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A very specific experience I've had with a few people now is like. As we become closer friends they'll say something like "I've never really had anyone that I could just... tell things without worrying that I'm breaking some unspoken social rule because I know you'll tell me"

And I'm sure 90% of this is autistic people naturally gravitating towards each other but it still makes me so happy that I can be that safe place for someone else

"Getting out of your comfort zone" is not inherently a good thing. It's a deliberate choice that some people can only do when they feel like it's safe and worth it for them

It's called comfort zone for a reason

Nudes talk 

Accepting follow requests has become a kinda weird process because now I have to decide if I'm okay with someone seeing my dick just kinda based on vibes

Which I mean, has worked out so far. You're all pretty great

Sexuality stuff 

And like, I really don't care about strangers, but the instant someone shows any flirting interest towards me my brain is immediately like "oh cool, we now find this person extremely attractive"

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Sexuality stuff 

How is everyone so cute

Heck I'm pan

And THEN I met another trans person named Emil who is also not originally from this country

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Currently thinking about how I decided to call myself Emil and THEN decided to live in a country where the name Emil is extremely common, in that order

I dunno. It feels like pretty much every story I read that doesn't explicitly have characters who are trans ends up showing some really regressive views of gender one way or another

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I've tried a few times to get back into reading but these days I find that it's really hard for a story to hold my attention if it isn't some flavour of queer. Like, overtly


Shounic did a video about an experiment where they banned Sniper from their server and there was basically no difference in kill stats but players reported the game becoming significantly more fun:

O-KAY. I have now. Finished all 22 characters in my Yomi fangame

That was a loooot of work and after this comes even more balancing work because some of these are almost definitely busted, but I still feel a sense of achievement from this

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I hate the damage exclusionism has done to particularly baby queers. Yes you can be a bi lesbian and you can be trans with no dysphoria, I promise nobody actually cares about that except chronically online people.

The entire concept of being queer is having your identity not fit in a box, contradictory identities are welcome by design. Please stop worrying about it and just do what makes you happy


Once again thinking about "Heal Thy Burgers"

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