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Joke that contains misgendering 

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Thank you Sirlin for giving me the opportunity to do this

Crash 4 spoilers 

YT recommendations have been absolutely awful lately

"Well, girls like orange, that's just how it is"

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Alternate universe where instead of the gendered colours being pink and blue they are orange and blue

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racism again (this stuff is my job, don't expect me to slow down), referencing events 

Okay fortunately it's easy to fix but what the hell Windows

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Hey what the hell

YT asked me to verify my age to watch a video and the only ways are to enter my credit card details or to submit a photo of my ID??????

Hm. I keep seeing posts that are replies to people I don't follow but my instance errors out when trying to get the post it's responding to or the profile of the person

I wonder what's up with that

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> Enter WebFinger. WebFinger as described in RFC 7033 is a spec that defines a method for resolving links to a resource, given only a URI on a particular server.

so... it's a uniform URL locator... a UURLL

Anyways who else is thinking about chonky shark tails tonight

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Found a site dedicated to making your computer/cables/OS cuter

Anyways sarcasm and self deprecation are not good things to base your sense of humour on

I understand that, in the case of self deprecation, some people cannot let go of it for one reason or another. I'm not saying that's wrong or their fault. But it is pretty unabiguously a thing to change if possible

In the case of sarcasm just don't be a jerk, showing emotion and vulnerability is good actually

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just tried to type "warm regards" in a professional email but accidently typed "worm regards" and found it way too funny🐛

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Image captions are useful not only for those with visual impairments, but also to describe what one is supposed to be seeing if it's not completely obvious.

re: Crash 4 spoilers, caps 

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