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Joke that contains misgendering 

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Thank you Sirlin for giving me the opportunity to do this

Are vector graphics just source code but for images

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in every video game you crouch walk to be quiet. This is not how my knees and joints work

I kinda think if you believe the only purpose of a moderator is to prevent trolls you should not run a community

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This seems like a profoundly bad idea

"I'm enabling YT memberships and people will get access to my Discord server, I'm hoping it will be self moderating cause there won't be any trolls cause you have to pay money to get in"

Half Life VR AI 

So far I have seen "it's good that Audacity got bought because its UI is in desperate need of some updating" and "it's bad that Audacity got bought because it's bad when profit driven companies own open source projects" and I'm not sure which one I agree with

I'm wondering how many "it is visually clear"s I can get away with in an algebraic topology assignment

Emi bite, slightly lewd at reader 

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Emi bite 

I genuinely do not understand how we went from "I'm not really into [kink thing]" to "hot take: [kink thing] sucks"

Why. What do you gain from phrasing it like that. I don't understand

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There's just a whole lot of nothing? Sure, there might be interesting stuff out there, but like. There's also interesting stuff in here. I don't know. I can't be interested in every interesting thing, and this one feels a little played out.

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It's kinda weird that I'm not like... into space anymore

When I was a kid I said I wanted to be an astronomer and was waaaay into sci fi stuff just because it happened in space. And now I'm just. Not. I don't know what it is but I just find it kinda boring. There's nothing appealing about it to me.

I'm not upset about it, I have other things I'm passionate about, but I do wonder why that is.

Pluto denier

It's neither a planet nor a dwarf planet, it's a fabrication

Hold on hold on

Is it just me or does Cortex's boss theme from Crash 1 have the exact same melody at the start as Seven Nation Army, only slowed down

Is that the reason for the parody video

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