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Everything is _ on a long enough timescale

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Hi! I write stuff!

If you happen to have a Gemini browser, you can find my writing here here:

If you don't, there are a couple public http proxies you can use:

My short stories are usually somewhat kinky in nature, sometimes sexual and sometimes not, and usually feature furry characters. When there is sex they're marked with [NSFW]. There is a collection of tags under each one that should double as content warnings, along with approximately how long each one is in terms of words.

If you have any feedback I'll be happy to hear it, but do keep in mind that I am not a professional writer, so don't hold me to very high standards! It just makes me very happy when someone enjoys what I write, so please don't be afraid to tell me if that's the case.

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Joke that contains misgendering 

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Thank you Sirlin for giving me the opportunity to do this

Deltarune ch 2 

Black Mesa 

Computer help request 

Nazi vocabulary 

AI The Somnium Files 



"On this new game creation platform, you can even create a multiplayer 3D game super easily, no coding required"

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah doubt

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Wow YT sponsors are just not great these days huh

Having lots of separate apps on your phone would actually be a pretty great idea IF they were actually lightweight but just the default Android libraries are already massive, and if you include compatibility libraries so it can run on older devices, it gets orders of magnitude worse

Mario 64 aged surprisingly well graphically but by FAR the best visuals it had were the painting wobble effects

Anyways I can't wait for the inevitable jan Misali video on the semantics of /hj

Kinda baffled by this one. How is this real. How could someone think it's okay to take a sponsorship from them. What

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Okay this one's new

YT sponsorship for an app that you install on your computer and it gives you money in exchange for using your machine to harvest data for "researchers in the e-commerce and advertising fields"

I am subposting myself 

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I am subposting myself 

HRT joke 

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